Financial decisions are fundamental to the growth of your business and its success.

Have a bookkeeper? We can assist them with difficult-to-book transactions or provide you, the owner, with peace of mind knowing that we are providing oversight of your bookkeeper.

No bookkeeper or want to do it yourself? We provide services to train you in your accounting software so you can do your accounting functions yourself or outsource your bookkeeping and let us streamline the process for you–typically, this is cheaper than hiring someone onsite and you get the knowledge of two individuals specialized in the field.

We bring you the best possible accounting solutions for your company.

W&M Consulting, LLC | Services for Multiple Industries


We enjoy working with a wide variety of businesses across multiple industries.

We offer our services to multiple industries and across multiple states. Our services are tailored to what you need to keep your business running smoothly.

QuickBooks Certified.

W&M Consulting, LLC | QuickBooks ProAdvisor Gold

Need a personalized solution?

Other accountancy services.

HOA Services

Full management, bookkeeping, or oversight for your HOA are some of the services we offer.

Tax Services

Business, personal, trust taxes. We can do them all!


Accounting system setup, accounting oversight, and best practices are just a few of the other services that we offer.