HOAs are driven financially by their assessments and more importantly the collection of the assessments. That is why we offer the ability for all of our HOA homeowners to pay them online and have access to an online portal. We provide advice to the HOA Board on setting the assessments each year based on the prior year(s) data and the future cash flows of the HOA. We will do everything from sending out the first notices, sending the second notices, and placing and releasing liens for nonpayment.

On the other side, we offer the ability to have all your HOA bills emailed or sent to our PO Box and paid by us. If something is out of the ordinary, we will contact you before payment is issued.

HOA Services Offered.

Our services are completely customizable. Take a look at some of the management and accounting services we offer HOAs.

  1. Maintain homeowner membership roster.
    1. Interface with title companies and closing agents for changes in lot ownership.
  2. Collect all current annual assessments and other monies that are due to the association with respect to your subdivision.
    1. Annual assessment billings sent each year.
    2. Prepare and mail statements of homeowner’s accounts as required.
    3. Deposit all monies collected on behalf of the association.
    4. Provide PO Box for mailing of manual payments (checks).
    5. Provide eCheck, debit card, and credit card options for homeowners to pay assessments.
    6. Collection services, consisting of delinquent collection letters mailed at the request of the Board (second notices).
    7. Lien processing on delinquent homeowners around 30 days after the second notice is mailed.
  3. Pay all expenses for the operation and management of the property from the association’s funds held in an account.
  4. Prepare and maintain records of all income and expenses related to the association, and submit monthly to the board a Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Fund Balance, Statement of Revenues, Expenses and Changes in Fund Balance (for the month and YTD), Budget to Actual, Homeowner Balance Summary, and bank statement(s) with reconciliation(s).
  5. Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, assist in the preparation of the annual budget.
  6. At the end of each fiscal year, submit the annual financial statements listed above to the board.
  7. Prepare and file the association’s yearly federal and state tax returns.
  8. Prepare and file the association’s yearly 1099 filing requirements.
  9. Work with the association’s insurance company to ensure appropriate and consistent insurance coverage for the association.
  10. Secure competitive bids from vendors as requested.
  11. Arrange for needed repairs or improvements to be made to the association’s common areas as requested.
  12. Act as a control center for calls related to the association.
  13. Attend the annual meeting for the association (yearly) at the request of the board. If management attends the annual meeting, management will act as recording secretary and prepare minutes for the annual meeting.
  14. Covenant enforcement – Management shall send letters of violation or notify the board, as applicable, of architectural and/or CC&R violations.
  15. Owner complaint and problem resolution.
  16. Provide maintenance of the association’s social media accounts and website for communications, if applicable.
  17. Provide other optional services as requested.

Free Stuff:

  • We don’t charge for things like community email blasts, website maintenance, phone calls, emails, violation pictures, attorney interface, newsletters, online access to board members, tax documents, collection efforts, even real-time report updates – not just those end of month reports. Shocking isn’t it?

All-inclusive Pricing:

  • No surprise invoices! YES, you can stick to your budget.

Cohesive Neighborhood:

  • Imagine a drama-free HOA where residents are compliant, and members show up at the meeting to express gratitude and share ideas.

We Answer the Phone:

  • On that rare occasion, we can’t get to the phone, we call back immediately, and our worst-case scenario (a rare scenario) is we call you back the next business day (unless it’s urgent). As a Board Member, you’re probably not waiting on a return voicemail or email that you left a week or two ago, but your members probably are, at least that’s been our experience.

Professional Financial Statements.

Our reporting is tailored to what you would like to see as the HOA Board, but don’t worry we are here to help you figure that out if you are not already aware.

We bring you the best possible solutions for your HOA.

Need a personalized solution?

Other accountancy services.

Tax Services

Business, personal, trust taxes. We can do them all!


Full or partial bookkeeping available along with financial statement preparation.


Compliance, accounting oversight, and best practices are just a few of the other services that we offer.